Veteran actor and director Woody Allen attacked his former partner Mia Farrow and accused her of attempting to destroy his career by accusing her of sexual abuse in a new book threatened with scandal.

The letter from the director, entitled Apropos niets, was published on Monday 23 April. March, published by Arcade Publishing, a few weeks after the protests of the Hachette publishing group’s managers and the departure of the employees who supported Farrow’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, who claimed to be harassed by everyone, according to reports from

The director repeats his innocence in the book, he writes: I never touched Dylan, I never did anything to him that could be misinterpreted as abuse on his part; it was completely wrong from beginning to end.

Then he attacked Farrow and said the accusations came from his desire for revenge in Ahab’s way, referring to an obsessive whale captain in Herman Melville’s classic film Moby Dick. Allen also recalls a visit to Farrow House in Connecticut in August 1992, where he is said to have attacked Dylan and admitted that he then briefly stuck his head in the lap of his seven-year-old daughter.

In this combined photo, Director Woody Allen left the company on the 14th. November 2017 at the Special Miracle Wheel Show in New York and the cover of Allen’s autobiography Speaking of Nothing.

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I didn’t do anything inappropriate to her. I was in a room full of people watching television in the middle of the afternoon. Allen had been the subject of two separate investigations into accusations in the 1990s, but had never been indicted.

In the new memoirs, the director also talked about his affair with his current wife, Sun-Yi Previn – Farrow’s adopted daughter – and said we couldn’t help but touch when they first fell in love.

He then explains why he and Mia weren’t together when he met his daughter, who was 35 years younger than Allen, and remembers the day Farrow discovered the affair after discovering erotic pictures of their daughter. Of course I understand their shock, their fears, their anger, everything. He said that was the right response.

Sometimes, when it was hard and I was angry everywhere, people would ask me if I knew the result, if I regretted not taking Soon-Yi? I always said I’d do it again in no time.

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