The Weeknd claims that his songs were the inspiration for Climax Asher’s 2012 hit.

The weekend, of which the new album After hours was released last month, showed that his previous album House of Balloons 2011 inspired Usher to experiment with his characteristic alternative R&B style.

In an interview with The Weeknd, he said that when he heard the song Climax by Usher, he immediately realized that it was the style of the songs from his 2011 album House of Balloons. He says his album was a breakthrough and changed the sound of pop music before his eyes.

The singer said that at first he was angry to hear Asher’s melody, but in the end he saw it as a compliment for his musical talents. Weeknd showed that it was very flattering to hear his musical style in Asher’s song.

At the time of his mixtape release in 2011, The Weeknd had not yet reached the peak of its current fame and was still in the process of gaining general popularity for his exclusive art, which he and his team believe is now being reproduced by other artists.

No one from The Weeknd or Usher responded to this comment.

Shortly after his comment, The Weeknd’s director, Vasim Slaby, said that people didn’t understand how difficult it was for The Weeknd to work before he got the recognition. He also added that The Weeknd has created a whole new wave of R&B that is now enjoyed by everyone.

But the diplomat who produced the song in 2012 will of course disagree with the remarks of The Weekend, because he explained earlier that the production was originally a kind of house music, but that it changed into a minimal techno-style. He also added that Usher has the ability to change his melodies the way he wants, and that he is smart enough to balance R&B and house music.

Weekend and Asher lined up in 2016, after the former claimed to be the most award-winning R&B singer in the history of the Billboard Music Awards.