Video chats with Zoom, WhatsApp, Instagram and other real-time applications work wonders when lovers are disconnected, even when they struggle with loneliness and disconnection.

We’re in touch at Zoom. I talk and meet some of my friends with whom I haven’t spoken in over two years. I’m in touch with family like never before. We play online Tambola, quarantine ludo and Monopoly. The return to child’s play is a great tension enhancer, says Lucknowit Vanya Dzunya, who is passionate about surgical objects and textiles.

She had contacts in Jaipur, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Lucknow. Because of the surgical trade, the days are usually hectic, because this is a necessary good. But once at home, these video chats are a great way to relax and talk to so many people on the road, she added.

Sheri Siddiqui said she was last associated with her sister Farhana in Agra and her brother in Cannauche. I communicate with my brothers and sisters and friends when most of them live in different parts of the country. So, even though we’re far apart, we connect via WhatsApp video chats. Our family can see each other in these difficult times and know how we feel.

In addition to video chats, reading books is also an important stress factor for them. To combat stress, we talk about childhood memories and try out new recipes. I write poems and share them in our chat rooms. We also play online games that support our commitment, she adds.

Amity University psychology professor Manju Agarwal said… Technology plays a major role in these difficult times. If it were the ’80s or ’90s, it would be very difficult. We have our grandson, Rohan’s 7th. Birthday celebrated online. They are in Mumbai, and we, about 25 people, not only from India but also from abroad, celebrated his birthday in the Zoom application. We had a great party, we danced, clapped, sang and had fun.

The positive ones will look for options. Meeting through video chats, phone calls, refreshing memories, looking at old photos, playing with family members, there is so much to do. The problem is that people think negatively. Depression comes from not looking for options, the psychologist said.

Agarwal had an offer. It’s all right that you feel good. I’m a workaholic and I never thought I’d spend so much time at home, but believe me, there’s so much I can’t find in my spare time. I meditate, I watch movies, I taste new dishes, I communicate more than ever with my loved ones. I don’t think I was in social media, but now I find the time to do it, and I see it will be very positive.

A similar proposal was made by an American magazine. He recommends meeting family or friends by phone or videoconference in these stressful times.