Tom Brady


Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-shirt is officially for sale.

Tom Brady, to be the buccaneers of Tampa Bay, became just a little more realistic. We’ve seen all the pictures of the future Farmer Hall in the Buccaneers’ T-shirt in Tampa Bay, and we’ve seen the edited schedules of the Madden NFL where Brady plays for the Bucs.

But it’s a whole different story when you see that the Brady Buc’s t-shirt is officially for sale.

Tom Brady in Tampa Bay is the real.

The Jersey Bucs in 2020 will of course not be that easy, but Tampa Bay is one of the eight NFL teams that will have a new uniform and/or logo for next season. The special thing about the NFL is that when you open new uniforms, new ones appear, hence the general idea above.

Tampa Bay didn’t waste any time with Tom Brady’s tweet

The Pearls fully understand how serious it is to sign perhaps the biggest quarterback in the history of the NFL. Brady turns 43 and starts next season. His contract with Books is only for two years, and it could mean the end of his NFL career.

With its relatively short time span, Tampa Bay doesn’t waste time spraying Brady on as many social media ads as possible:

Can Tom Brady save the tanks in Tampa Bay?

I can’t blame the Bucks for being excited. The team has not participated in the play-offs since 2007. The Bucs won their only Super Bowl in 2002, and since 2010 they have only won twice.

The team has missed many quarter finals over the last century, including James Winston, No. 1 in the 2015 standings, Mike Glennon in the third round in 2013, Josh Freeman, No. 17 in 2009 and Chris Simms in the third round in 2003. With Brady, Bucky knows they haven’t missed them, even though they have a legend at the end of his career.

Despite his unprecedented success, Brady comes up with something to prove and that’s good news for Bucs. Whether he says it openly or not, there must be something in him that proves he can win big without Bill Belichik and the New England Patriots.

He will take over the team that ended last season with a 7-9 score despite some chaotic matches from Winston, especially in the last two weeks of the season when a former Buy More franchise seems to have sealed its fate in Tampa Bay.

If Brady can come and do what Bucky wants him to do in 2020, Winston’s failures will soon be forgotten. Fans of Bax, when do you wear Brady T-shirts?