Ali pointed out that the Cricket Board of India (CBI) contributes 70% of total revenues, i.e.CBI.

Basit Ali, Rohit Sharma and MC Dhoni

Basit Ali, Rohit Sharma and MC Dhoni (source: Getty Pictures)

The threat of the coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. No sporting event has taken place during this period. In fact, a major cricket tournament has been cancelled and there is no indication of when it will take place. Moreover, the future of these tournaments looks bleak, and with the growing number of CWID-19s around the world, we can only guess when Full Cricket will be back at full strength.

Former Pakistani cricketer Basit Ali came out and made a bold statement through the International Cricket Council (ICC). He said the ICC would prefer the Indian Premier League before finally accepting the call for the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup in 2020. Ali noted that the Cricket Board of India (CBI) contributes to generating 70% of the ICC’s total revenues. He stated that the CAC application would be considered first.

IPL 2020 may be transferred to the UAE: Basit Ali

The Indian government receives 70% of the income of the ICC, and everyone knows that. Whatever the Indian authorities say, it will happen, Ali said, according to a report from Cricket in Pakistan.

Ali went on to say that whether it is the Asian Cup or the T20 World Cup, IPL will be the first choice. When these two international events are confronted with the IPL, he believes that the T20 League will have more preferences. A former Pakistani cricketer also said that if the IPL did not take place in India, it would be moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Whether it’s the Asian Cup or the T20 World Cup, the IPL prefers both in the event of a collision. If an IPL is not adopted in India, it will be transferred to the United Arab Emirates [UAE], he added.

Already in 2014, the first half of the IPL in the UAE took place in connection with the parliamentary elections in the country. For the same reason, South Africa also hosted IPL 2009. It is therefore possible that the BCCI is considering organizing the tournament elsewhere.

The T20 World Cup in Asia was scheduled for September and the T20 World Cup for October-November. Due to the global threat of the coronavirus, the tournament is uncertain.

Despite the fact that the situation in Australia is now much better under control, the country seems to be able to control COVID-19. If they resist, there is a good chance that the tournament will be played. According to some reports, the ICC has also suspended the possibility to postpone the tournament until 2021.