Jason Isaacs says he wants to re-emphasize his role as a grand inquisitor in a living project. The character was created for the animated series Star Wars. Isaacs first played a character in the TV film Star Wars Rebel in 2014: Sparks of rebellion, before he was sent to the main villain in 1. The season of the Star Wars rebellion. Since then he has become a fan favorite and many people wonder if he and his double lightsaber will ever come back.

The Mandalorians would have had more than one character from the cartoon series Clone War played live. So there are some die-hard Star Wars fans who wonder if other cartoon characters can make the leap. In a new interview with Jason Isaac, who over the years has voiced many interesting animated characters, the question was asked which character he would like to play in live action. Without hesitation, Star Harry Potter declared his Star Wars character an inquisitor. All he’s saying is that he’s got the coolest light-saber in the whole Star Wars universe.

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The lightsaber Jason called Isaacs was controversial when it was presented to the rebels, although the fans liked it more than seeing the inquisitor make the changes himself. But can a character be in something like Mandalorian? As far as this particular exhibition is concerned, only if it’s a souvenir. The character didn’t make it out of Rebel’s season finale 1 alive, which means that if he came back, he would be five years away from the original Star Wars trilogy.

The Inquisitor, or Grand Inquisitor, was a former guard of the Jedi Temple who went to the dark side under Darth Vader. He learned to search for the survivors of Order 66 Jedi and persuade them to join the dark side or kill them. He had a higher position than other inquisitors such as the second sister, the sixth brother, the seventh sister, the ninth sister, the eighth brother, the tenth brother, and the fifth brother. In the battle against Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger, the Grand Inquisitor allowed himself to die in this lightsaber duel, knowing that his failure to destroy the Jedi would cause Darth Vader much more suffering than death.

There are other areas where Jason Isaacs might return as a living version of the Grand Inquisitor. Disney+ has a series of prequels of Rogue One that fit in the timeline, although it is not clear how they fit in the plot. The Obi-Wan Kenobi series is also in the making, and the villain could appear in it, especially in the opposite direction, as Obi-Wan remembers the Great Jedi Purge. There are ways for the Grand Inquisitor to return, although it is not yet known if he will. The interview with Jason Isaac was originally conducted by Collider.

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