The film world of Marvel is known, among other things, for its media and post-credit scenes. All MCU films except the Avengers: The final set contains at least one credit card, which either determines what should be in the franchise, or simply makes the fans laugh before they leave the theatre. Sometimes they both realize. The idea of a post-credit scene originated a long time ago: in 1986 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off became one of the most memorable of the prefranchise era. However, the MCU is the place where many people think it really happened. I’m here to tell you that the post-credit scene can be a big part of Marvel movies, but the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean franchise improved it before MCU came along.

The five Pirates of the Caribbean films all have a post-credit scene, but we will focus on the first three. These are undoubtedly the best in the series, not to mention the fact that they all arrived before Iron Man’s introduction of the MCU in 2008. In three scenes in the franchise, the pirates used spicy credits to advance key plot points, make audiences laugh and determine the future direction of movies beyond the original trilogy. These scenes laid the foundation for everything Marvel will eventually achieve with his own collection of plectrums.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl appeared in the cinemas in 2003 and immediately became one of the most important blockbusters of our time. With the advent of this film, the franchise was born in the form of a huge box office, which is still the pearl of the series today. It also included a layered post-credit scene, which didn’t bear fruit for fans until the end of the second Pirates of the Caribbean film: A dead man’s chest, a step ahead of his time.

At the end of the Black Pearl Jack Sparrow seems to have killed Barbosa in the cave, ending a conflict with his former comrade. However, the public got stuck in the credits (which was not usual in 2003), and had the chance to see the seeds planted for Barbosa’s return to the coffin. The scene showed a cave filled with the bodies of dead pirates. The monkey came out of its hiding place and threw itself upon the chest of the golden spirits, pulled one out and again took on the curse that had tormented Barbosa and his men for so long. The monkey then appeared in the moonlight and showed that the curse had returned and opened the door for everyone in the cave to finally come back to life, either by the curse itself or by Jack who found help.

(Photo: Walt Disney Studio)

There was also a post-credit scene in the death kit, but that was much less important for the pirate trade as a whole. He just brought the fans back to the island where Jack Sparrow was abandoned, worshipped and eventually chased away by him during the filming. On this scene, a dog is chased by a horde of locals, just like Jack. There’s nothing special, and like in many other post-credit scenes over the years, it was eventually forgotten. However, the desire for the next film was the best of the franchise, which determined the future of the pirates after the film itself seemed to have finished the story.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the end of the world, the first trilogy is completed and the story of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann is finished. At least that’s what we thought. The film ends with Will giving his physical heart to Elizabeth and taking on the role of the captain of the Flying Dutchman, cursed to live at sea, transporting lost souls to their final resting place and only having the opportunity to visit the mainland once every ten years. A couple got married and then broke up. It was a sad end, but it ended the war. Then comes the post-credit scene.

The scene takes place ten years later and shows Elisabeth waiting for Will’s return for the first time, where he has only one chance to be with her. The thing is, there’s a little boy with her. She had a child of Will’s and took the boy to meet the father when he returned to the shore. This scene shows that the story of Will and Elizabeth was far from over when the Pirates of the Caribbean arrived: The dead don’t tell fairy tales ten years later.

(Photo: Walt Disney Studio)

After the credits, the Pirates of the Caribbean presented ideas that would only bear fruit in their theatre debut and showed how far ahead Gore Verbinski and his creative team were. The series has been extended for 10 years, with the scene limited to the end of Pirates 3. It was an incredibly visionary set of ideas that was adopted a year later by the most popular film franchise in the history of cinema.

Over the years Marvel has undoubtedly had some excellent post-credit scenes, but much of this success is due to the pirates who prepared the audience for extra hours of theatre and were willing to be patient and make the best of it.

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