So far, we’ve probably all seen a video in which students spend their spring break on the beaches of Florida despite a global coronavirus pandemic. A student said if I get the crown, I get the crown. After all, I won’t be stopped from partying. And that sound is now viral.

I’m a senior at Pitt, and I didn’t take spring break. Most of my friends didn’t go on spring break either. In fact, our plan for the last spring break was to save money and spend time together in Pittsburgh. When cases of coronavirus appeared in Pennsylvania and the university announced the switch to online courses, we decided not to go to bars and even canceled the party planned for the 21st anniversary of the death of the coronavirus. birthday of a good friend.

In the time I’ve spent with social distance, I’ve seen social network messages from people who bring all university students together to be like video virus students, and it’s said that university students only care about parties and themselves.

Others say students shouldn’t be sad about having to leave campus early – people are dying in the world now, people are losing their jobs and other, more serious problems.

Students complain that universities have to close and take courses online, and it’s so annoying that STOP YOUR SELF CARES won’t accept your ONLINE CLASS, GET YOUR CREDITS AND STFU, wrote a Twitter user.

No, this pandemic is not my concern. But I want to protect my classmates and say that if we hadn’t signed up for online courses, this transition would have been stressful and many teachers are just as confused as we are. Take a break for the students. Tuition at Pitt is about $17,000 a year, so forgive us if we get a little upset that we can’t take the courses we paid for ourselves.

The closure of our campus has brought new levels of confusion and sadness. For me, it meant shortening my time at Pitt. I can’t go back to fall and try again. I was looking forward to the last few weeks at school with my friends and teachers who had mentored me for years, but that’s how it ended.

But what hurts me the most is that I don’t miss my social life – when my graduation was postponed, my heart sank. I remember the day my brother Pitt finished in 2018, my father congratulated him and told him that the École des hautes études is more of a rite of passage, everyone does it. But not all graduates are like Pitt. It’s a success.

Whether Pitt decides to attend the opening ceremony or not, I will of course go all the way – I will receive a bachelor’s degree by mail. But COWID-19 simply continues to spread throughout Allegheny County and Pennsylvania without signs of delay. Concerts and music festivals have already been cancelled or postponed during the summer, and I’m moving out in June. It seems unlikely I’ll get my dream ball.

As my father always said, the end of Pitt would undoubtedly be the greatest achievement of my life. There were times, especially in the early years of my studies, when I struggled with my mental and physical health, that I wasn’t sure if I would succeed. The first semester I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what I wanted from college that I didn’t think I could stay with Pitt. But I did. And I’ll end up with a high average, three internships behind my back, over 40 articles in Pitt News that I’m incredibly proud of, and some of the strongest friends I’ve ever had.

I never trusted myself, and for the first time in my life I proved myself wrong. Even my first year in college, I didn’t think I’d make it. But there are only a few weeks left before graduation, less than three months before I move to Syracuse, New York, for my master’s degree, and maybe I can’t pass on this scene to Pete.

But life will go on, and graduating from college is just one day in our lives. Without a diploma I can’t erase all the work I’ve done and the progress I’ve made as a human being, but damn it, one day I just wanted to acknowledge that progress.

I know nothing can be done and I support the university’s decision to postpone graduation. Five thousand students with their parents and grandparents in the same room is the right way to transmit the virus to many people, especially at-risk groups. I completely accept that my dream can’t come true, so let me forget about it for a while.

It wasn’t just the prospect of leaving the subject that upset me. I was just starting to accept that I was leaving my friends and the community that has supported me incredibly for years. My friends at Pitt encouraged me to get help when I needed it, to get out of relationships that jeopardized my mental health, and to get out of the apartment on days when I didn’t even want to see the sun.

If I had known that things would change so fast that I wouldn’t see some of them again before I left for Syracuse, I would have thanked and kissed them all the time. When you’re done with school, tell your friends: Appointment for winter and summer holidays. But when you graduate from university, everyone goes their own way, into a new life – graduating, working full-time or moving. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to anyone, and I’m still not ready to say goodbye.

I thought I would have a few more weeks to say goodbye and of course to thank my teachers who have helped me over the years.

While I was writing this, a song called Hovvda’s Cathedral was playing in the Spotiffy playlist a friend sent me. The name caught my attention for obvious reasons – Pitt has disappeared from my parents’ house, and the most beautiful thing in Pitt is the cathedral of learning.

The song is a simple emotional ballad of 3 minutes – and the lyrics of the song are very similar to the words I write. I sit on my bed in the nursery waiting for the online course to start and I burst into tears.

Believe me, I’ll calm down, always kind of… Open my door, brighter than before outside, a male singer sings. Maybe we’ll never come back here, maybe we’ll stay with our friends. Maybe we’ll never come back here. Maybe we should keep floating.

I wish I could spend my last week at Pitt until I realize I’m not coming back to graduate. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Yeah, we’re in a global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean I can’t mourn a dream so close to my life.funeral documentation for school,death in family while in college,death in family during exams,missing an exam due to funeral,how to tell professor about death in family,lying about death in family,death of family member during exams,professor wants proof of funeral