The art of making a successful NBA business is ripe for controversial takeovers by fans and national philosophers everywhere. Chemistry in a team can be difficult or improve when teammates are on the move. But how does this kind of chemistry react when a player acts several times in the same week?

The NBA trading rules make it difficult for players to switch players in successive shops, especially in periods. Moreover, the movement of big stars is rare, so meeting the criteria for this play largely means that only actors and those who have fought for the NBA will be included.

Of the two intended players, Scotty Hopson and Luke Ridnour, Ridnour is a much better known name. In fact, he ran the craziest games in the NBA for a long time, going to four different teams in a week.

For Hopson, a former volunteer from the University of Tennessee, three separate collections were sent in one week in 2014, in anticipation of Ridnour’s trip to four competition teams for about a year and a month.

Lukas Ridnor

The former Oregon Duck, who finished 14th in the NBA Super Socialist Drafts in Seattle in 2003, was considered a reliable security guard who left Odin’s school with Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis and Odin’s school. Brent Barry? Vladimir Radmanovich?

This team was quite tough in the early 2000s and although their record of 37-45 sketches a lower than average picture, they were much worse than the team, at least on paper.

Under head coach Nate McMillan, Supersonic had a salary of $52.34 million, and Allen had about 26% of that salary with a $13.5 million contract. But for Ridnour he was the second largest team, which still makes a lot of money for an academic.

Ridnour didn’t start right away in Seattle, but took the role of a big banker, who played 114 minutes in 69 games this season, which was the seventh game a Supersonics player from 2003 had tackled.

Eventually, Ridnour broke through in their league and became a regular sponsor of the league, from six starts in 2003 to the start of the 82 games of Seattle in season 04, allowing them to increase the number of games by 15 and finish first in the Northwest Division. After falling to San Antonio in six games in the semifinals of the Western Conference, they managed to beat the Kings of Sacramento in the first round, and it took only five games to send the Kings on their way.

Supersonics fans could see why they chose Ridnour in last year’s NBA design when they played for Seattle in the third minute when the starting lineup was difficult.

In total, Ridnur spent the first five seasons of the NBA on Supersonica, where he also spent most of his time. During the 2008 season, he finally joined the Milwaukee Bucks as part of a triple deal involving the Bucks, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder, who moved from Seattle to Oklahoma City.

Ridnour’s first race in Milwaukee lasted two seasons, in which he made 50 starts in his first season with the team, but did not make any starts the next season, but participated in all 82 races. His contract ended, and he signed a four-year contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves worth $16 million for the next off-season.

He survived three full seasons in Minnesota, where he scored an average of two points per game with the team in the first two seasons (11.8 and 12.1 respectively). But as always in life, Ridnour was able to complete a full tour and returned, albeit briefly, to Milwaukee.

As part of an agreement with three teams to send a new UCC guard Kevin Martin to Minnesota, Ridnour was removed from MKE, along with a second round of decisions and financial considerations. But Ridnour only lasted 36 games in Milwaukee when he was sent to Charlotte with guard Gary Neil in exchange for a guard at the Ramon Sessions and forward Jeff Adrien.

For Charlotte, Ridnour plays 25 games in his second season in the NBA, including two starts. His contract expired again and he signed on the 25th. July 2014 with Orlando Magic, 11 months before he performs again.

His journey in the four-man division started in Orlando, where he got the title on the 24th. July 2015 in Memphis in exchange for Janis Timma’s legal project. The next day Memphis sent him back to Charlotte in exchange for striker Matt Barnes, and on September 25th he was sent back to the Netherlands. In July it was sold back to Thunder (with a second selection round) to protect Jeremy Lamb.

He eventually found his final resting place with the Toronto Raptors, who bought him along with money from the OKC for Tomislav Zubchich’s rights project. The ninth. In July, the Raptors left the Ridnour, marking the end of a very eventful summer in which the Ridnour did not mention three teams during the summer.

He survived the 2015-16 season and left on the 22nd. He retired on 6 June 2016, ending a very rewarding 12-year NBA career. Although the end of his career sometimes generated more excitement than his playing career, Ridnour was a respected veteran who felt his presence on five different teams, seven if you count all the teams in his last profession.

Scotty Hopson

The powerful shooter was technically on the list of Cleveland Cavalier, Hornitz, New Orleans Pelican, Houston Rockets and Dallas Maverick in the regular season, while Hopson only recorded the time of cavs and mavs.

After playing two games against the Cavs in the 2013-14 NBA season for the return of the LBJ, Hopson showed almost nothing in the hearing that would lead to the suspension of the summer league game on the 11th. In July 2014 it was sold to the Hornet.

Two days later, Hopson was sent to the Pelicans, who exchanged him for Houston later that day.

In the 2017-18 season, Hopson played the NBA final against the Mavericks in one game and eight minutes, scoring a point from half his free kicks.

Although Hopson has a very short and uneven career in the NBA, he is probably best known for his many deals, especially those that took place on the same day. Few people, except Ridnour, can hang their hats on such an interesting statue as the Hopson.

Hopson has played professionally in Greece, Israel, Turkey, Spain, China, Croatia and New Zealand and is currently a member of the Australian National Basketball League in New Zealand.

The Lakers, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Anthony Davis.

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