Beforehand: A storm with thunder, lightening and ghosts.

The Haunted Ring

Marines: Nancy watches Bess sleep whereas Nancy Drew’s Voice Over [NDVO] provides us the short and soiled on Bess as a suspect: liar, stole Tiffany’s ring. One thing creaks out within the hallway. Bess wakes up and is like wtf. Nancy tells her it’s simply an previous home that makes a whole lot of noise. That seems like an unimaginable cause to m o v e.

Sara: Individuals discuss how previous homes have character and attraction however all I hear is ghosts and ghosts. No thanks please.

Sweeney: After I was a child we lived in an older rental for just a few months and my mother hated however I cherished it, though my room was the one with entry to the attic that was undoubtedly haunted and I used to be afraid to go in on my own? But additionally I cherished it???

Mari: Sounds actual faux.

The creaking is unquestionably not common previous home noises. It will get so loud that not even Nancy can ignore it so the 2 ladies creep downstairs to analyze. The porch mild is surging and buzzing after which goes out. Within the kitchen, the microwave has turned on by itself. The women watch the empty plate spin as they get nearer and out of the blue, the ability surges there too and causes the microwave glass to crack. A light-weight in the lounge activates and in addition begins buzzing. It powers off and Bess flinches. I yell ME TOO GIRL as a result of I hold anticipating Useless Lucy to leap out of a lightweight bulb.

Subsequent, the TV activates with ghost static ( the sort) till the video of the evening Tiffany died begins taking part in. I’m undecided if I seen earlier than, however right here, as Tiffany calls 9-1-1, it form of seems like she will be able to’t breathe? Or like she’s choking? The TV additionally explodes and cracks. Nancy and Bess (and Mari) are disturbed.

Sara: Hear right here, ghosts. Should you really feel the necessity to do soar scares or make creaking noises, effective. However don’t you dare break my tv.

Mari: It’s impolite af.


After the credit, Papa Drew comes downstairs to  work out what’s happening. Nancy introduces him to Bess after which tells him that one thing bizarre with the fuses prompted the TV to blow up. Papa Drew heads off to analyze it.

Up in her room, Nancy finds Bess taking a look at a framed image of Mama Drew. Bess says that Nancy by no means talks about her. Nancy says there’s nothing to speak about. Bess then says that the bizarre lights factor was undoubtedly not a fuse and they’re undoubtedly being haunted. Useless Lucy was most likely attempting to ship a message, just like the time she tried to warn Nancy to not go to the morgue. Nancy stubbornly says that she’s selecting to not imagine that, and seems the lights. NDVO says that her different alternative is to imagine Useless Lucy is attempting to warn her about Bess being the killer.

We Segue Magic from Nancy in her mattress to Previous!Nancy placing on some make-up. She heads downstairs and we see her mom in a sick mattress in the lounge. Nancy doesn’t wish to go to this dance, however her mom tells her to go, have some enjoyable, and cease lacking out on all of her senior 12 months. Nancy leans in to kiss her mother and the dream jumps to Mama Drew’s grave. Nancy startles awake as NDVO tells us she has too many useless ladies in her life.

Downstairs, Nancy is dressed for work. Papa Drew says he’s by no means heard Nancy point out Bess. Is she a pal from highschool? Nancy explains that Bess works on the Claw and she or he’s on the town for the summer time visiting household. She’s a Marvin. Bess joins them. Papa Drews asks after her aunt Diana, and it’s clear that Bess is aware of nothing about her aunt, together with the truth that she lately had surgical procedure. Papa Drew gives to depart the ladies pizza cash, since he’ll be working late. Nancy declines, which is a few excessive key dedication to being a rebellious daughter as a result of it’s pizza. cash. I’m 33 and if my mother had been like “I’m leaving you some pizza money,” I’d be like THANKS MOMMY. (S: Arduous agree.) (S: So say all of us.)

Anyway, Papa Drew [PD] goes to be attending Tiffany Hudson’s funeral. Bess makes some remark about it being so unhappy that she acquired murdered and PD clarifies: the post-mortem got here again and mentioned she died of totes pure causes. Nancy makes a face at that and her dad tells her to drop it. As soon as he’s gone, Bess additionally factors out that if Tiffany wasn’t murdered, they aren’t suspects anymore. NDVO says she doesn’t imagine it, largely as a result of Bess herself is the Suspect of the Episode.

To that finish, Nancy does some investigating. She talks to a person who works for the Marvins and he’s by no means heard of anybody named Bess.

Sara: I really feel low key aggravated that Bess couldn’t give you a greater cowl story. It took actually one query to see that she was mendacity.

Sweeney: This whole plot is right here to arrange and finally dismiss the thought of Bess as a menace and the flimsiness of that effort is obvious at each flip.

Mari: Ned units up a surveillance digital camera to watch a secure the place he retains his bonds. Nancy calls him to verify how he’s doing and he admits not nice. If he cashes the bonds, he’ll look suspicious. However protecting them seems like protecting a ticking time bomb. They discuss some in regards to the post-mortem consequence. Ned agrees that it’s faux, but additionally factors out that it’s a literal get out of jail free card. They will settle for the story the Hudsons are spinning and transfer on with their lives.

After Nancy hangs up with Ned, she grabs a newspaper from a merchandising machine. She turns and a girl walks by her and snatches it out of her hand whereas dangerous lady music begins blaring. Truthfully WHO EVEN would do one thing like that? NDVO gives an introduction: Laura Tandy, Tiffany Hudson’s sister, orphan, international playgirl and final dwelling Tandy. Additionally: newspaper thief.

On the police station. Laura yells some about her sister’s homicide and the truth that Ryan was broke and was additionally dishonest on Tiffany. Chief McGinnis says that’s all properly and good however with no proof, the case is closed. Laura says she guesses she’ll should do the police’s job for herself. Now we have now ourselves a lady detective and a worldwide playgirl detective.

Sweeney: I actually love this for us. I’m already invested in Nancy, however would fortunately watch the shit out of a TV present all a few international playgirl detective.

Mari: Chief McGinnis calls Ace and tells him that Laura Tandy is again on the town. McGinnis needs Ace to tail her. I really like that he’s Nancy Drew’s #1 un-fan and but he employs Ace to do all his detectiving. Even Ace is like, “don’t you have cops who can do this?” McGinnis says certain he does, however Ace and Laura have historical past and Ace and McGinnis have a deal.

Ace goes into the Claw and begins faux coughing. George instantly tells him to go house as a result of she’s not taking any probabilities after the blood bucket factor.

Sara: Ace is me at work, once I’m laying the groundwork for why I must take off for the afternoon.

Mari: I’m not saying I’ve ever, ever accomplished this however *wink*

Within the break room, Bess is at her locker when she begins listening to a bunch of ghost whispers. Ace’s faux coughing scares the shit out of her, however she says she’s effective.

Again within the restaurant, it’s George’s flip to inform Nancy to please allow them to have their faux exoneration, and to not Nancy Drew this for the remainder of them.

Later, Bess closes herself into the storage room. She pulls Tiffany’s ring out of her pocket and places it on, respiratory deep. All of the sudden, the ghost whispers begin once more. As an alternative of operating out of the enclosed homicide closet she’s in, she begins getting nearer to the vent since plainly’s the place the ghost whispers are coming from. For a second the whole lot will get quiet, after which one thing jumps out of the vent. We reduce to the restaurant as everybody hears Bess screaming. Nancy and George run again there and discover Bess asking for assist, military crawling in the direction of the door. The backs of her legs have scratches on them.

After a break, Nancy and George assist Bess into the break room. Bess tells them about listening to the whispers. George notices Tiffany Hudson’s ring. I like that everybody acknowledges this ring. I really feel like I might by no means. George asks if Bess killed Tiffany and Bess says no! She discovered the ring within the parking zone and by the point she realized it belonged to Tiffany, they had been suspects and she or he couldn’t inform anybody. Plus, she likes shiny issues. They calm her. Nancy is like, “girl, that’s the story you are going with?” Nancy additionally doesn’t assume the attacking spirit was Useless Lucy. George factors out the apparent of possibly Useless Tiffany being the mad one, contemplating that Bess is strolling round together with her ring. George thinks she is aware of somebody who will help.

Ace is following Laura round. We get affirmation that “Weed Guy” in his cellphone is certainly Chief McGinnis. Ace, by advantage of being a child and never knowledgeable, will get caught fairly simply by Laura, who is aware of he’s been tailing her for the final two hours. She asks him what’s up with him spending all of the earlier summer time together with her, then by no means calling her, and now stalking her. Fortunately for him, she nonetheless thinks his bumbling stoner act is cute and invitations him to catch up. I suppose we’re ignoring the stalking bit.

As they stroll, Ace says he’s sorry about Tiffany. Laura shares that their final dialog was a combat, particularly about Tiffany gathering up the braveness to divorce Ryan. Laura asks if Ace has heard something in regards to the case. Ace tells her in regards to the 9-1-1 name, and Laura asks him to drag one in every of his hacker strikes and get the recording for her.

Sara: Is it an actual TV present if there isn’t one character on it who’s a hacker?

Sweeney: No pal group ought to be with out one, actually. (1, 2, 3, not it.)

Mari: NOT IT. lol Sara! Higher lookup some YouTube tutorials or one thing.

Papa Drew has Ryan signal some paperwork. Ryan provides him an announcement the household would love PD to learn after the funeral a few non-profit they’re founding in Tiffany’s identify. PD thinks that’s a good suggestion. He additionally says what a reduction it have to be to have that absolutely legit post-mortem saying Tiffany died of pure causes. Ryan is like “yeah, by the way, when can I get Tiffany’s money?” Papa Drew says he’ll want a signed copy of the post-mortem and Tiffany’s demise certificates to file in probate court docket. Ryan’s like “cool,” and leaves.

Nancy breaks into Bess’s locker, which is a daring transfer contemplating that Bess is like… within the restaurant. Inside her locker, Nancy finds Bess’s passport. Bess will not be Bess Marvin.

After a break, Bess does certainly catch Nancy within the act, which isn’t a shock, contemplating that Bess was… proper there. Nancy needs to know why Bess has been mendacity, however George interrupts them for a group assembly. Seems, the particular person George introduced to assist? Her mom. She’s not a medium, however she is clairvoyant, although George does level out that she’s normally drunk when she’s doing her energy factor. Mama George is a wealth of data: the scratches on Bess’s legs level to a brand new ghost who might be misplaced and confused. Somebody like, say, Tiffany. That ring was most likely Tiffany’s most prized possession so she’s drawn to it, even in demise. Bess has to place the ring again on Tiffany’s corpse with the intention to information the spirit again to the physique. She must also put a mirror on the physique so the spirit can form of see the place it’s going. Additionally, they need to give Mama George extra wine. George is like okay that’s sufficient.

Sweeney: Appeared like an inexpensive request to me, Mama George.

Mari: As I mentioned, it was a heck of a whole lot of ghost data.

Bess freaks out as a result of she’s already been attacked by Useless Tiffany as soon as. George volunteers to do the ring factor. Nancy volunteers to be the lookout. When Bess leaves, Nancy tells George she doesn’t have to do that, contemplating her historical past with the Hudsons. That’s exactly why George is doing this. What she did to Tiffany was incorrect and she or he feels compelled to do one thing to provide Tiffany somewhat peace within the afterlife. George returns that Nancy doesn’t should go both, seeing as how the entire funeral factor could be laborious. Nancy says she will be able to deal with it.

Drew Domicile. Papa Drew has as soon as once more left his workplace open and vital paperwork on his desk, so Nancy helps herself. PD arrives somewhat later, and Nancy confronts him straight away about what she learn: the post-mortem is a lie. She is aware of as a result of she stole some blood from Tiffany’s corpse and the report doesn’t point out a puncture wound. Papa Drew is like JESUS CHRIST, however Nancy is not going to be knocked from this excessive horse! Nobody is searching for Tiffany however her! PD says he’s acquired issues to fret about like medical debt and bail for his daughter. Nancy thinks it’s tremendous handy PD has these excuses to make use of for his promoting out.

Sara: Like I’ve mentioned earlier than, Papa Drew could be very cash motivated, and whereas I’m not saying he’s a fantastic man, I’m saying that I vibe with him on this.

Mari: Telling the reality isn’t going to pay his payments.

Funeral. Nancy appears to be like round as NDVO tells us that you would be able to inform quite a bit by the way in which folks act at funerals. Ryan hasn’t appeared on the casket as soon as, Bess appears to be like terrified to talk to the Marvins, and Ned is moping round, truly unhappy that Tiffany is useless. Nancy joins him and his emotions. Laura stops by and hugs Ned, thanking him for being a great pal to Tiffany.

Chief McGinnis finds Ace and asks about Laura. Ace says that she doesn’t know something.

George watches Ryan.

Papa Drew greets a person named Everett, who says he’s blissful to have PD again within the household. PD says that he’s working for Ryan, not the Hudson household. Nancy sees all this go down and appears to determine one thing. She finds Bess and tells her to be on door responsibility for George.

Bess waits outdoors the door however she’s approached by Diana Marvin, who asks if Bess works there. Bess freaks and leaves her submit. George is contained in the room. She apologizes to Tiffany’s corpse for sleeping together with her husband and tries to get the ring on Tiffany. Besides that she hears somebody coming. She has to cover beneath the casket. Everett and Ryan stroll in. Everett says it’s too dangerous Tiffany by no means acquired pregnant, as a result of it was a waste of a wedding. Ryan objects, and Everett says that Ryan by no means cared about his spouse whereas she was alive and leaves. Ryan apologizes to Tiffany’s corpse that she needed to hear that after which additionally leaves. George leaves her hiding spot, slips the ring on Tiffany, and bails.

George finds Nancy and asks what the heck occurred to being on door responsibility. Nancy has simply been standing pensively this entire time, I feel? Nancy says she advised Bess to do it so the ladies discover Bess, who’s out entrance, ready for a Lyft. Nancy sees the Marvins strolling by and loudly pronounces that Bess ought to get a trip from the Marvins, since they’re household and all. That is actual chilly. I’m not pleased with Nancy proper now. Bess asks what the hell Nancy needs from her, and Nancy calls for solutions. With a British accent, Bess explains that her mum all the time advised her they had been descended from some fancy household named the Marvins. She got here right here attempting to determine if that was true, however she wants DNA from one of many Marvins to confirm. Nancy factors out the absurdity of utilizing the final identify Marvin, however Bess claims she didn’t know the way small the city was. Nancy additionally thinks Bess’s thought of getting a DNA check after which simply presenting herself is absurd. Bess doesn’t need Nancy’s opinion. Household might not imply a lot to Nancy, however it does to Bess. Nancy is like “you don’t know me,” and Bess is like YOU! DON’T KNOW! ME! And Nancy appears to be like actually shocked to search out out that when folks make broad assumptions about you based mostly on restricted data, it sucks. Shocked.

Funeral. Everett is giving a speech, however he’s interrupted by one thing coming over the obvious outside PA system at this graveyard. It’s Tiffany’s 9-1-1 name. Laura pronounces to everybody that Tiffany died alone and panicked, not of pure causes. Tiffany might have been afraid of Everett, however she’s not. And he or she’s going to show that Tiffany was murdered.

Chief McGinnis accuses Ace of stealing the 9-1-1 recording, however he says he didn’t. McGinnis doesn’t imagine that and reminds Ace that if he breaches their settlement, he can prosecute him to the total extent of the legislation.

Sara: Is that this settlement even authorized? It sounds form of not authorized?

Sweeney: Our resident authorized scholar isn’t watching this present however any individual ought to name her and ask as a result of I agree that it appears very Not Authorized.

Mari: Possibly Sara can YouTube some authorized issues whereas she’s studying to hack.

Karen finds Nancy in entrance of Lucy Sable’s grave. Karen asks how Nancy is doing, however Nancy simply needs to speak about Lucy. Karen was in the identical grade as Lucy, however they moved in numerous circles. All of the police find out about her demise is that they’ve a bloody knife and tire tracks main away from the cliff. Karen thinks Nancy is asking about Lucy to deflect from the truth that she hasn’t visited her mom’s grave.

George stands by Tiffany’s grave and offers a real apology this time. As she does, ghost smoke rises from the grave and goes into George’s backpack.

Nancy finds her dad at Mama Drew’s grave. He exhibits her that he’s introduced two preparations, one from him and one is meant to be from her. Nancy says she’ll come again later, however PD stops her. He doesn’t need this pressure between them. He asks what he can do to repair it. Nancy says she wasn’t there when her mother died. She was at that dance we noticed her preparing for in the beginning of the episode. PD might’ve referred to as her, however he didn’t. PD says that it’s what Mama Drew wished. She didn’t need Nancy to recollect her struggling, however all of the blissful reminiscences. Nancy cries as she says that she had a lot extra to say to her mother. PD says that Mama Drew knew how a lot Nancy cherished her and that was sufficient. He was attempting to honor Mama Drew’s dying needs. He thought he was doing the precise factor. Nancy grabs the flowers from PD and thanks him for bringing them. They each kneel by Mama Drew’s grave briefly, earlier than PD has to go.

Alone, Nancy begins speaking to her mother. She tells mother that tons has occurred since her demise and a whole lot of it has been bizarre. Nancy has began believing in ghosts, however it took her some time to get there as a result of she stored pondering that if ghosts had been actual, Mama Drew would discover her. Nancy cries as she asks her mother why she hasn’t come again for Nancy, why she hasn’t proven up? Is Nancy not sufficient to maintain her right here?

Woof. That’s tough. I imply, nothing Nancy has seen is proof that ghosts are blissful in any respect. She’s seen violent, unresolved issues, and but I can 100% imagine that Nancy is pondering nothing about this. She is just fascinated by how a lot she misses and wishes her mother.

Sweeney: This present has it’s issues however wow sure I sobbed. This scene was A Lot and Kennedy McMann did a fantastic job right here.

Mari: PD is saying the non-profit at a press convention. Reporters ask in regards to the post-mortem, and Ryan cuts it brief. Papa Drew decides, although, to announce to the reporters that he thinks the post-mortem is inconclusive. Ryan offended whispers to PD that he made an enormous mistake. Papa Drew is like hearth me then, however Everett is available to offended whisper that leaving them a second time received’t be that straightforward. Papa Drew walks away and nods at his daughter, who’s watching, as he does.

Laura finds Ace and apologizes for betraying his belief. Ace forgives her far more simply than I might ever and so they kiss.

Ned will get to his home-garage and sees an empty cash field close to the secure. He runs to verify the secure, however his bonds are nonetheless secure in there. He appears to be like curiously on the empty cash field and appears up at his digital camera.

Nancy watches the video of the evening Tiffany died, questioning why the ghost would play this video for them. Nancy wonders if she’s been trying on the incorrect factor. Within the video, Nancy sees Tiffany drop her ring earlier than dropping her plate. Bess wasn’t mendacity. This time, when the video goes to static on the finish, Nancy sees Useless Lucy within the static. After which the glass on her laptop computer display screen additionally cracks. (S: This ghost owes Nancy an enormous verify.) Bess enters and scares Nancy. Nan apologizes to Bess for placing her on blast on the funeral. She is aware of that Bess didn’t kill Tiffany. When Bess leaves once more, Nancy opens her laptop computer and realizes that the crack on her display screen is in the identical sample as all of the cracks on all of the glass in the home. And it’s acquainted: it’s a map of Horseshoe Bay. And the epicenter of the crack is the highschool.

Music video time! “Feel It Coming On” by Contessa performs as Bess appears to be like at an invite to the Tiffany Hudson Gala and smiles. Ned critiques his safety footage and sees Laura doing one thing after which strolling out with a USB in her hand. Ace and Laura make out. Nancy and her crime beanie break into the highschool. In a trophy case, she finds an previous image of Karen and Lucy Sable. George locks up the Claw. As she places her keys in her backpack, the ghost smoke escapes her purse, chokes her and goes into her. George falls to the bottom after which in a voice not her personal cries, “Help me, please! please! I’m in the Claw! No” And we see that in entrance of her is the mirror she was supposed to depart on Tiffany’s physique. Whoops.

Sara: Nicely. I suppose my prediction that that is all a Scooby Doo state of affairs is tremendous incorrect, huh?

Sweeney: YAY GHOSTS!!!!

Subsequent time on Nancy Drew: George is possessed by Tiffany in S01 E05 – The Case of the Wayward Spirit.

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