Scientists conducting research in the UK have achieved a major breakthrough by finding that dexamethasone reduces the risk of death in coronavirus patients by 33%. Dexamethasone, a widely available steroid, is used to reduce inflammation in a number of diseases and appears to stop some of the damage to the immune system by trying to fight the new coronavirus. For the rest of the news in five minutes, here’s the Light Mint.


The news that an Indian army officer and two soldiers were killed on Monday in a violent clash with Chinese troops – the first in 45 years in which both sides reported losses in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley – is likely to have repercussions on the economy, although markets have not yet fallen. According to experts, escalating border tensions and trade restrictions could increase domestic production. China is India’s largest trading partner – 16% of India’s imports come from China, and the conflict will affect Indian producers who are heavily dependent on China for raw materials and semi-finished products. The supply chain is already under pressure from the Kovid-19 outbreak. Indian companies will have to look to other markets to reduce risk or to produce in their own country. On Tuesday, Sensex and Nifty do not seem to have suffered too much from the tensions between India and China, but the markets fluctuate strongly due to Covid-19 and border tensions, which could have a negative effect in the future.

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More than 100 vaccines are being developed worldwide, some of which have already been tested in humans by AstraZeneca and Pfizer, to combat a disease that affects more than 8 million people worldwide.

Singapore Vaccine Test Kit

Scientists in Singapore are testing the Covid 19 vaccine from the American company Arcturus Therapeutics, which plans to start trials on humans in August after seeing promising reactions in mice. More than 100 vaccines are being developed worldwide, some of which have already been tested in humans by AstraZeneca and Pfizer, to combat a disease that affects more than 8 million people worldwide. The vaccine, which was evaluated by Duke-NUS Singapore Medical School, uses the relatively proven messenger RNA (mRNA) technology that induces cells to produce specific coronavirus proteins that induce an immune response. Researchers hope to have it ready in a year’s time. According to the WHO, vaccines are one of the most effective weapons against infectious diseases and can prevent up to 3 million deaths per year. However, as countries continue to develop vaccines, scientists believe that the first vaccines may not be 100% effective. Early vaccines cannot prevent the infection, but they can slow down the progress of the infection and eventually stop it.

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The number of public charging points for electric cars worldwide increased by 60% in 2019, the highest growth rate in three years, according to the International Energy Agency’s Global EV Outlook 2020 report. In India, an installed base of electric vehicles, including batteries, charging stations and repair services, is concentrated in Bengaluru and Delhi (see figure). The installed fleet is important for creating an ecosystem and facilitating the use of EVs by drivers. China, the world’s largest automotive market, leads less than 60% of the world’s public pricing agencies. The increase in the number of charging slots worldwide reflects efforts to build infrastructure for the expected EV boom as customers turn to Covid-19 for a sustainable lifestyle. In 2019, 2.1 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide, 6% more than in the previous year, despite the contraction in car markets.

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According to data provided by the aviation authority DCGA, Indigo, the market leader, booked only 52% of its flights in the last seven days of May.


Domestic flights were cancelled on the 25th. Can be resumed, but fear of infection, quarantine and sudden cancellations by airlines prevented passengers from flying. In the first seven days after the resumption of flights, most airlines flew with a load factor of 50 percent. According to data provided by the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation of the Civil Aviation Authority, Indigo, the market leader, occupied only 52 % of the seats on all its flights in the last seven days of May. From an industry point of view, it is a load factor, i.e. the proportion of passenger capacity used by the airline. In May, SpiceJet registered a 57% occupancy rate and Air India, the national airline, 54%. This revival could be challenging, as passenger traffic has also decreased worldwide and the industry expects air traffic to continue to decrease this year, reaching 60% of its 2018 level by the end of the year. Domestic passenger transport decreased by 43% in January-May 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year.

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Governments have an active interest in the privacy of citizens, if only to ensure their safety.


The pandemic has led some governments to take an active interest in people’s privacy, if only to ensure their safety. Last week, Britain allowed support for individual bubbles after weakening the Covid 19 rules, which included a so-called sex ban or a ban on meeting or spending the night together in social media. Relaxing the rules will help the elderly and lonely people who have struggled with loneliness. In May, the National Institute of Public Health invited singles to find a companion or sexual partner with whom they could communicate safely during the pandemic. Canada has made it possible for two separate households to come together in a double bubble. Sweden also has guidelines on dosing and banning sexual intercourse during a pandemic, where privacy, intimacy and intercourse are beneficial for public health and wellbeing. New York City has published a document called Safe Sex and Covid-19, stating that you are your safest sex partner.

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