Lady Gaga, in collaboration with Citizen of Peace and the World Health Organization, is organizing an epic concert to encourage people to stay at home after the coronavirus pandemic. Global Citizen has broadcast several live mini-concerts on its official social media platforms, but even on Saturday the number will be huge. The program includes over fifty singers and musicians, and the cast is a virtual who’s who of the music industry. Lady Gaga has recruited actors such as Paul McCartney, Billy Aylish, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, John Legend, Adam Lambert, Sam Hugan, Camila Cabello and Sean Mendez. In addition to musical performances, many celebrities will perform.

Here is the official description of the mission of the world citizen.

It’s easy to feel helpless with exclusions and losses – but there are things we can all do to defeat the coronavirus. Whether it’s about washing our hands, staying home or encouraging governments, large corporations and billionaires to move forward, we all need to take action. Come with us and we’ll see what steps you can take to increase your influence.

Step one: Stop the spread of the virus. This means that you have to protect yourself and others and stay as far away from the public as possible. Take an oath: As a citizen of the world, I’m staying home!

You can consult the list of actions participating in One World: Joint concert downstairs by the house.

BIG NEWS: We’ve just announced the release of Major Artists for a World: #TogetherAtHome, including @JLo, @Oprah, @taylorswift13 and up Turn on the 18th. April to fight the KOVID 19 crisis:

– 14. World Citizens (@GlblCtzn) 14. World Citizens (@GlblCtzn) April 2020.

It is important to understand this unique world: Roommates are no way to raise money. You don’t have to buy tickets to watch and participate. Saturday the 18th. April 2020, from 2:00 p.m. And until 8:00. IT. After the first part, there will be an additional two-hour feed, which will be broadcast from 8pm onwards. And until 10:00. And… and…

The concert will be aired on various platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon Prime, Apple, Hulu and Twitch. The best way to find time and channels is on the official website.


Are you looking forward to Saturday’s concert? Did you stay home during the coronavirus pandemic?


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