MSNBC cancer Katie Tour and her husband Tony Dokup of CBS read the phrase difficult times hundreds of times in their news scripts this morning during the months of the coronavirus outbreak. Although the statistics of the day are bleak, the couple finds a reason to smile every morning as Dokupil prepares for an early morning co-chairmanship with Anthony Mason and Gail King, including a break in the makeup chair where his wife makes sure he’s ready to be photographed at least from the neck down.

The teamwork between them is unmistakable, as Katy Tur gets her own anchor chair in the basement to run her two-hour afternoon shift.

Somehow the two workstations manage to get two shows from two different stations from Monday to Friday, and just like on the 17th. They can visit CBS on Sunday morning for their profile, they always have a big smile on their face. Their one-year-old son, Teddy, is partly responsible for their cheerful cheering, but this partnership is essential for the success of their family and their work.

Katas Tour Beams in the background Tony Dokopila

After the coronavirus crisis, the entire television empire was destabilized by package tours and the necessary mandates. Suddenly, every major channel became a show of its own because every presenter was vigilantly criticised by Room Rater.

Katie Tour’s broad smile barely entered the basement of the broadcast center’s headquarters when she described the privilege of becoming the focus of her husband’s Sunday morning outreach.

The tour was the first to be broadcast in the basement, but the journalist, always cheerful and energetic, was visible when she participated in Trump’s presidential campaign. It was Katya Tour who openly and officially raises a candidate for the Russian broadcast of Clinton’s e-mails and implicitly interferes.

Katie was also detained during an election campaign where she was verbally threatened.

In his book, Unbelievable: My place at the forefront of the craziest campaign in American history – the reporter spoke about her experience, and her journalistic experience was also recognized. Kathy Tour received the Walter Cronkite Award for excellence in journalism in 2017.

She married Tony Dokupola in October of the same year, and her pregnancy with Teddy was followed by his supporters in the news studio until the minute he was born in April last year.

Teddy’s sweet yawn was happy to sit on mommy’s lap during his interview with daddy about cookies. Both parents shared their style in preparation for the news of the day.

Master of multitasking for the more casual between Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil

Katie Tour was a bit fierce, had an affair and gave her scripts to Tony Dokupul every morning while her hair was still in the rollers. Well, that charm isn’t very strong in the main assistant’s words.

Tony wonders how Cathy can multitask (a requirement for most new mothers) while sitting in front of her laptop in the morning.

She, in turn, is fascinated by his ability to prepare a story and by his knowledge of ideal statistics or data for implantation. He is a great explorer and he praises Tura.

Clearly, Katie is not playing the role of sideboarder for her husband who happens to be a dandy. It indicates makeup stains on trousers and socks with torn sandals. The upper floor is dedicated to business and the ground floor to the Birkenstocks, Tony Dokupol’s jokes.

Katya Tour has never hesitated to comment openly, and she confessed to one of the guests that she felt lost in a hamster wheel in this house. The forced life at home really has its advantages.

Mixed Matinee and Blessings for Tony Dokupol and Cathy Tour

No one can accuse Tony Dokupol of playing protocol with Teddy or preparing a show.

Because of his frequent paternal remarks, the co-leader remains an active father for his two older children. Dad realizes that under normal circumstances neither he nor Katy-Tour would have witnessed his son’s first steps, and of course these pleasures are irreplaceable.

Katie’s favorite time is 9 a.m., after Tony finished his morning shift on the deck chair and joined the family for breakfast. At more normal hours, Daddy leaves the door at 4 in the morning.

Tony was accused of sleeping at work, some CBS viewers that morning and without being seen, as was the case a few days ago when a reporter looking downstairs was caught with a lucky charm. When Gail King drew attention to the issue, Dokupal described his sleeping position as dropping much further back and to the side, saying that Kathy would like to confirm this.

Not every intimate and personal moment in the family lends itself to morning television programmes.

Unity and love still reign among these newly married and experienced journalists, who ended the interview in a loving embrace. But it didn’t take much motivation to tell Katy Tur or Tony Dokoupil that they wanted to go back to the office and live as far away as possible in a new normal life. This family can testify that it is possible to work together, which is usually better.