Actress Singham Kajal Aggarwal started her weekend with the iconic TV series Ramayana and Mahabharat. Saturday morning on Twitter, the actor said… I am very happy that this is a new beginning, a great opportunity for children to learn Indian mythology.

Take me back to my childhood. #Ramayan and #Mahabharat on @DDNational with the whole family! That was our usual plan for the weekend, Kajal wrote.

The national broadcaster Doordarshan has decided to re-broadcast the mythological series at the request of the public, the information and the broadcasting minister Prakash Javadekar said Friday.

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Ramanand Sagar, directed by Ramayana, was a popular series in the late 1980s. In the television series Arun Govil as Ram, Deepika Chihaly as Sita and Sunil Lahiri as Lakshman. The late Dara Singh painted Hanuman and Arvinda Trivedi as Ravana. The program was originally broadcast from the 25th. January 1987 to 31 December 1999 Released in July 1988.

In the Mahabharat Bi-Er Chopra Nitish Bhardwaj played Krishna, while Rupa Ganguli played Duraupadi, Gajendra Chauhan, Praven Kumar, Arjun, Samir Chitre and Sanjeev Chitre Pandavah and Penit Issar Duraodhana. The exhibition originally took place from 2. From October 1988 until 24 October 1988. June 1990.