Jesse Mister, who is engaged for 90 days, claps his hands after being criticized for using a penis magnifying glass in one of his pictures. Last week, the controversial reality TV star posted a photo on his Instagram page that turned out to have a large penis. Fans immediately called the reality star because he had fooled his followers. They also questioned his self-esteem and accused him of using a magnifying glass to make him more attractive than he really is. After an astonishing conviction, Jesse removed the photo. However, a Dutch reality TV star reacted to his criticism.

Former 90 Day Alliance Star, Jesse PeakPenis enlarger.

In a recent Instagram post, the 90-day-old fiancée Jesse placed another risky photo of herself in an open shirt that showed his abs and his well-coloured chest. The controversial reality TV star was dressed in Calvin Klein underwear and his groin was shapeless. Jesse took the picture and told the fans that there is a difference between life and life. The comment was addressed to his opponents, and Jesse seems to have used a penis magnifying glass in the photo. He explained that he didn’t care what others thought of him. Instead, he said he would worry less and smile more. Jesse added that he always took responsibility for his actions, but admitted that he couldn’t satisfy all his fans.

Relationship between Jesse Mr. and Darcy

At the end of Lent, Jesse challenged his disciples to love and enjoy every day of their lives. The picture of Jesse provoked a mixed reaction from the fans. Some of his disciples found him stubborn because he used a magnifying glass to prove his point.

However, some fans agree with Jesse’s view that life should be full. They thought Jesse had a right to do what made him happy. The 27-year-old continued his modeling career after breaking up with his 90-day-old girlfriend, Darcy Silva.

Darcy and Jesse performed in the first and second 90-day bridal season: Up to 90 days. During the performance they fought all the time and at the end of the second season they split up.

After they broke up, Darcy started dating Tom Brooks. The American reality TV star, however, had no luck in their new relationship. Darcy and Tom got divorced during the 90-day wedding season that just ended. The couple’s relationship deteriorated after Tom accused Darcy of having feelings for her ex-boyfriend Jesse. When he appeared on Tell-All last season, Jesse said Darcy was still in contact with him after the two of them separated. Despite Darcy’s denial of Jesse’s allegations, his relationship with Tom didn’t work out and the couple experienced an unpleasant divorce. As for Jesse, he told the fans that he was focusing on his modeling career. But after seeing his last contribution in Instagram, the 90-day audience hopes that he can find a new lover who fits his free spirit.

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