Jake Gyllenhaal loves the newest Spider-Man boss: Away from home and Bubble Boy. The world is currently under great pressure and BossLogic is working hard to entertain comic book lovers. Gyllenhaal met the artist’s new mashup and laughed. So he decided to pay upfront and share it with his fans on social networks.

Many people now feel like Bubble Boy because everyone is trying to practice social distance and stay at home. It is in this spirit that Boss Logic adopted the character of Jimmy Livingstone from a 2001 film and turned him into Spider-Man: Far away from the mystery. He stands in an empty hallway with toilet paper, the last rolls in his hand, to promote the film Bubble Man. Gyllenhaal should say about a big poster

POWERFUL : So we stay at the Boss Logic hut with a parody poster.

Leave it to my husband BossLogic to make me smile. We work hard enough never to show it on the screen.

While Jake Gyllenhaal laughed at the BossLogic poster, he made sure people knew they weren’t preparing for a sequel to Bubble Boy. Comedy fans will just have to wait, because it will probably never happen, which is best if it does. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see Misterio Gyllenhaal again. Although it is not confirmed, in Spider-Man 3 a lot has been said about a possible cameo.

Peter Parker, actor Tom Holland, has read the script of Spider-Man 3 and says it’s crazy. He gave no further information about the long-awaited follow-up, although he could have given us some spoilers after a while. The shooting will start this summer and as far as we know is still going according to plan. In Hollywood, everything that didn’t directly affect Spider-Man 3 is currently on hold. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. But we need to know soon enough.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal coming back as the mystery man of Spider-Man 3? It is not clear at the moment, but after the events of the last tranche it makes sense. There are many fans who do not believe that the villian is dead and that it all has to do with a new illusion. He seems unlikely to be the main villain again, but stranger things have happened. For the time being, we have to wait and see what happens when production starts. We see some pictures of Gyllenhaal that were released on the set, like the ones that confirmed his presence in Spider-Man: Away from home until it’s confirmed. Through Jake Gyllenhaal’s Instagram account you can view the latest BossLogic artwork below.

The stakes: BossLogic

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