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​The Surprising Health Benefits of Natural Grown Cereals

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], July 31: Cereals have been a source of nourishment, sustenance and a staple food over many generations. From the early days of consuming naturally grown cereals, we have been moving slowly towards using heavily processed food, unwittingly ignoring the health benefits that these cereals offer. Fortunately, in recent times, there has been […]

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Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Liver Health

(From top left to bottom right ) Dr. Bhanwar Singh Dhandu, Dr. Harmeet Singh Saluja, Dr. N.H.Banka, Dr. B C Jha and Dr.Asim Prakash –  Dr. Bhanwar Singh Dhandu, DM (Gastroenterology), Hepatologist & Endoscopist, SMS Medical College, Jaipur  – Dr. Harmeet Singh Saluja, MD (Medicine), DM (Gastroenterology) PGI, Chandigarh Chief of Gastroenterology, Deep Hospital, Ludhiana […]


Debt Funds: Going Beyond Equity

New Delhi (India), July 31: Debt funds are increasingly becoming popular, with investors seeking stable income, lower risk, and diversification in their investment portfolios. As of April 2023, debt funds made up about 30% (INR 12.98 crores) of the total assets managed by mutual funds in India. Debt funds primarily invest in debt instruments issued by […]


MotoGP Bharat City Tour reaches Ahmedabad; 500 plus bikers join to celebrate their passion for biking

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], July 31: The vibrant city of Ahmedabad witnessed high octane biking spectacle as the Moto GP Bharat’s multi “City Tour” made its way to the iconic Indian Institute of Management (IIM) campus on Sunday, where close to 500 riders had congregated to celebrate their biking passion as well as welcome the City Tour […]


Fulfill Your Potential: Empowering Transformation with Aanant Bisht and Master Numerologist Mohsinaa Ahmad

New Delhi (India), July 31: In a world where the quest for personal growth and spiritual awakening is becoming increasingly prominent, two extraordinary healers, Aanant Bisht and Master Numerologist Mohsinaa Ahmad, are capturing the hearts and minds of seekers with their powerful modalities. Both have gained a reputation for Transformation and Global Clientele who credit them […]

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BalanceGurus Provides A Free Platform To Wellness Centers And Retreats To List Their Ventures

The initiative is to help modern-day gurus get more reach and recognition within and outside India New Delhi (India), July 31: India has always been known for its spirituality and exotic wellness practices. The country has been a home of many gurus who have guided people every step of the way toward mental and physical well-being. […]


Tesla Picks IPS Academy’s Himanshu Singh for Germany Job, Offers Lucrative Rs. 4 Crore Package.

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 30: Himanshu Singh, a Mechanical Engineering student at IPS Academy, has achieved significant success. Himanshu Singh has been offered a job by the renowned company Tesla with a package of ₹4 crores per year. He will be heading to Germany for a job at the company. In Germany, Himanshu Singh […]

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Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd achieves the milestone of Profit Growth Every Single year from FY13 to FY23

Mr. Mahendra Patel, MD, Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd Company in the elite club of just 16 companies out of 4,200 plus companies listed on the Indian Stock Exchange to do so Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], July 31: Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited, one of India’s leading healthcare companies, has achieved the milestone of reporting a profit growth every single […]

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Transline Technologies Revolutionizes Railway Security with IP-Based Video Surveillance Solution

New Delhi (India), July 29: Transline Technologies, a leading provider of advanced security solutions, has secured a significant contract to implement an IP-based Video Surveillance Solution at railway stations across multiple states in North India. This groundbreaking project, covering states such as Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, and MP, […]

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Captain Indira Vashist Carena is set to embark on initiatives to empower girls to pursue their education

New Delhi (India), July 29: With an objective in mind to help girls pursue their education, Captain Indira Vashist Carena along with her husband, Marc Carena have future plans of setting up several initiatives which will work towards helping girls pursue education in the areas of their interest. “The higher number of girls we educate, the bigger […]