Older women deserve every letter of their noble name, which has nothing to do with what they breathe. On the contrary, the name given to the collective talents and collaborations of Brandi Carlyl, Maren Morris, Natalie Hamby and the virtuoso violinist and wife of Jason Isbell, Amanda Shirez, is closely linked to the respect and reverence for the heritage, roots and musical references of the generations of women who preceded them and who were true storytellers.

Anthony Mason from CBS needed a new assistant manager on the 30th this morning. April no introduction, when he practically sat down for a soul chat with three of the tall women.

The co-author of the morning show presented an exceptionally talented quartet to national viewers just before its boisterous debut at the Newport Folklore Festival last August. The self-titled debut album of The Highwomen didn’t take much time and almost every song has its right order.

Unfortunately, at that time there was no tour at full capacity to present Hochfrau as the essence of the national tour. Each member of the band had an intense solo career, their own tour dates, and many artists left their business card to write and produce talent.

Everything changes over time, and neither the supergroup nor the people behind the statistics of growing sadness in the midst of the coronavirus crisis can imagine how life can change in less than eight months.

The Crowded Table song and video was recorded last year in Nashville, but now they’ve seen life in the distance as high society women think about the song and its meaning with a quarantined look.

High-placed women cry a few fresh tears forA table overflowing

It was a perfect nod to Anthony Mason and CBS this morning to be the first exclusive interview of the new video release. Maren Morris, Brandi Carlyl and Natalie Hamby didn’t even try to keep the emotions away from the studio recording as if it were the first vision.

It made me cry, I won’t lie, Natalie Hemby confessed after seeing and feeling the kinship again while playing music.

I want to be with my friends again – music is about being together, added the sentimental member of The Highwomen.

While no one has been able to determine the full impact of the current plague of the virus, Brandi Carlyl smiles that everyone wants someone to come to the table with a smile under her orange striped cap.

Everyone in the Highlanders contingent chuckled in agreement with Maren Morris when she said I would never complain again about the size of the show, the early start, the time it took, none of that! I’m so excited to play music again.

Of course neither Morris nor his band members know what making live music will look like after a pandemic, but the higher echelons regret not being so enthusiastic about the possibility.

Motherhood is part of the experience of great women for Maren Morris.

Anthony Mason remembers his last personal visit to Maren Morris just before she played at the big Houston Rodeo in March. Triple Arlington Grammy winner TX knows that Cattle Tonic and country music always go hand in hand, even when her songs reach the pop zone.

A few days after the performance the little boy Haze Andrew Hurd greeted the world with her husband Ryan Hurd. Having this baby has been the most beautiful distraction from the outside world, Maren says, not to mention making the closed inner world much happier.

The author of the song appreciated the fact that I feel at a disadvantage with my husband and this child and described how his son was a miracle in these strange days.

She had already noted in her children’s book that during his first month of life he had no travel or interpersonal adventures, and how could he wonder what [email protected]@? In his later years. Morris was already planning on becoming a working mother putting her child out on the street. Hayes will have four hands to hold him as soon as the Tall Women get their concert dates back.

Having a hard time is the highest life for women.

When asked whether one of the talents already recognized and celebrated in The Highwives dared to imagine what the game would be like at this point in history, each of them lacked self-confidence.

Morris regrets that every artist is called insignificant, especially in this day and age where music is everything that evokes many souls to feel every ray of light.

My band gets paid and we pay it out of our own pocket, says Brandi Carlisle. Maren Morris does the same thing. We’re a family, sue Carlisle. They have children and families. If they’re dry, she says, citing personal resources, we’ll find something.

Natalie Hamby may have said that hope is a dangerous thing, but it’s a beautiful thing. The world will want to hear live music again.

Every human soul longs for a place at the table, a warm fire and hands to hold on to if you want to let go. High-ranking women invite to their overcrowded tables, where song and consolation flow.