The Titans of Tennessee have experienced literally every tide that comes with the NFL franchise. Over the years the Titans reached the Super Bowl and served as a permanent play-off team, which soon became one of the worst teams in the league in a few years. With all the interim results, the Titans are back on track, as Tennessee only emerged from the AFC championship last season. Not only that, but also the fact that the Titans have reached the play-offs twice in this period, four times in a row for back-to-back 9-7 seasons.

While the Titans are largely well prepared to do more than a few solid deals, the AFC South franchise has also attracted some notable freelancers over the years. As the team’s latest revival is the first major event in the Music City since 2008, most of the team’s best freelancers are from the last decade.

However, a few other names stand out more than others as the best proof of the existence of free agents in Titan’s history.

Kevin Maue, C

Kevin Moe, a former member of the New York City Center Jets, who spent four seasons with the Tennessee Titan, has had a direct influence on the AFC South franchise. In 2008, Mave’s presence as the mainstay of the offensive front helped the Titans to become the best team in the regular season of the AFC. The next season Maue was back in the lead when Chris Johnson, who had returned, ran more than 2,000 meters. It should also be noted that the Titans have been in the top five of the league three times in their four years in the team. Mave is now also the professional soccer hall of Famera.

Delany Walker, TE.

The former Delaney Walker, 49 years old, from San Francisco, has become one of the best in the league and has paved the way for the Tennessee Titans. Walker soon became one of the team’s best players on the road to a legal pass and started as a 49er who blocked the tight game. Before you finally get your chance in Tennessee. With his production year after year until the injuries eventually destroyed what would have been his last years in Nashville, it is difficult to deny that Walker is the best bottleneck in franchise history.

Kyle Vanden Bosch, DE

The Arizona Cardinals player, who competed in the second round of the championship, eventually joined the Tennessee Titans with experienced defender Kyle Vanden Bosch and exceeded almost all expectations he had originally raised. After collecting 38,5 bags for 74 gigs and five seasons with the Titans, Vanden Bosch ended his performance in Tennessee with three Pro Bowl gigs. With his injuries, problems quickly become a thing of the past, and he has also played with the Titans in 16 regular season games in four out of five seasons.

Nate Washington, WR

Although the Tennessee Titans may not be known to the major receivers the team has produced over the years, veteran passport collector Nate Washington is undoubtedly one of the best in the history of the franchise system. Coming from the Pittsburgh steelworks, Washington immediately changed the attack of the Titans and became the main target of the team, which fought long and hard for the points. Since Washington was a double Super Bowl champion with the Steelers, he posed a serious threat to the Titans in a wide receiver position that corresponded to his ability to lead even in the locker room. There is no doubt that one of the main reasons for Washington’s success is that the Titans endured this 2008 election campaign before leaving in 2014. Washington was one of the few bright spots for the Titans in a very dark period when it came to winning football.

Kerry Collins, QB

In particular, veteran NFL quarterback Kerry Collins led the New York Giants to the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl before becoming something of an apprentice. After Vince Young initially went to Tennessee as a safety net, Collins had to make the starting team in the first week of the 2008 campaign when Vince Young injured himself at the end of the season. Collins not only helped keep the Titans afloat, he also shamefully led them to the top of the AFC rankings, and the 2008 season was the team’s only post-season performance in just ten years.

Your Honor:

Ryan Tannehill, QB

  • Although the Tennessee Titans were originally bought by the former Miami Dolphin quarterback, the AFC South Ryan Tannehill franchise has just tied Tannehill to a long-term outdoor contract for the off-season – a move that could pay off in years to come.

Logan Ryan, CB

Randall Godfrey, LB

  • Although mid-range veteran Randall Godfrey joined the Tennessee Titans after the Super Bowl race in 1999, he immediately started to play an important role in the team’s defence after the arrival of the team at the turn of the century. Godfrey’s courage against the Titans enabled them to achieve great success in the early 2000s.

Brian Oracpo, OLB

  • For a long time, the Washington Redskins overpowered the Tennessee Titans, and Brian Oracpo joined the Tennessee Titans just before the team really started. Now retired, Oracpo has certainly given the Titans an indispensable veteran leader, both on and off the field, at an ideal time.

Chris Hope, S

  • In particular, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety specialist Chris Hope spent six of his 11 seasons in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans, helping to change the team’s lineup and defense during the trial.

Jason Peters, Adler.