Scientists have predicted the sixth mass extinction of wildlife on Earth. They clearly belong to endangered species that have been cornered. When this happens, it can be difficult for civilizations to remain intact. This is the assessment of scientists, and it represents the bleak future of civilization. The study identified many species that could find a place on the list. They may not exist for the next two decades. It’s disturbing and it looks like it’s the people’s fault. The study mentions many species that have lost most of their populations.

These losses disrupt the ecological balance through a domino effect, when the loss of a species that depends on it can affect other species. The worst part is that it’s an irreversible process.

The sixth mass extinction is not a concern for the future. It’s happening now, much faster than expected, and it’s all our fault, according to a new study by

– CNN International (@cnni) 2. June 2020.

The Guardian quotes a member of the research team that the destruction of other life forms is as good as the destruction of our own life support system. He’s Professor Paul Ehrlich from Stanford University. He added that the conservation of endangered species should be given a higher priority.

Governments and institutions need to address this issue on an equal footing with climate change. As another teacher warns, the world must be careful not to sabotage the services of nature.

Endangered species in need of protection

The study was completed. It was based on the IUCN and the International Organization for Bird Research Red List of Threatened Species.

Special attention was paid to those with very few survivors. They include a wide variety of wildlife generally found in tropical and subtropical areas. An example of a domino effect is the over-hunting of sea otters. They used to hunt sea urchins, and when the otters disappeared, the sea urchins blossomed.

They devour the kelp forests, which leads to the disappearance of the kelp forests in the Bering Sea. This led to the extinction of a species that survived the algae.

Scientific director Mark Wright of WWF hopes, according to the Watchman, that people will have to rearrange their priorities. You have to stop grabbing land and deforestation. As soon as this happens, the balance in nature can be restored. But this has to happen on a global scale. Human health and well-being depend on the survival of other life on earth. We must not forget that today’s world cannot rob future generations of their inheritance, WWF says.

Humans have pushed many species into the endangered category.

According to CNN, factors such as unbridled wildlife trade, pollution, loss of habitat and the use of toxic substances have placed many wild animal species on the list of endangered species. Research has shown that the species has become extinct much faster in recent decades. According to scientists, the current state of affairs indicates that the sixth mass death is already underway. So far, the Earth has experienced five mass outbursts. Each of them has destroyed countless species of plants, animals and micro-organisms. The last one was when the dinosaurs disappeared. These mass extinctions usually take place during disasters such as a volcanic or asteroid crash.

However, it is likely that only humans will blame climate change for its important role.

Bush fires may pose a threat to endangered species

There have been a lot of forest fires lately. They destroy the green cover and expose wild animals to a threat to their survival. One example is the black soil on Kangaroo Island, which is on the list of species threatened by forest fires. Sometimes the conflict between humans and animals can be a disaster. This usually happens when a person tries to enter the territory of the animals. In Uganda, the conflict between humans and animals has led to the death of lions, an endangered species.


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