Autonomous zone of the Capitol (AZK)

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Autonomous area of Capitol Hill (abbreviation of CHAZ)

Protesters in Seattle, Washington, announced an area covering the eastern side of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Area after Seattle police and national guard withdrew from the area. The building on the site seems to be empty, reports the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, and now six blocks into the area have been declared self-contained, with signs on the barricades saying you are leaving the United States. This is not a legal area and is not recognised by any government. It is an unofficial name given by demonstrators who have sworn to keep the peace in the region. Read on to see more photos, maps of the region and more information about the Capitol Autonomous Region (CHAZ in brief).

There is a sign on one of the dams: You are leaving the United

Autonomous area of Capitol Hill in Seattle. Six blocks away. You’re leaving the United States when you’re about to move here. Long live the damn revolution! ✊

– Armani (@history of Armani) 9. June 2020.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Area is not a legal area, but it is an informal name for about six blocks from Seattle that protesters were able to occupy after police left the area. It covers the eastern district. The label of one of the roadblocks is at the entrance of the zone: You’re leaving the United States. The other sign is: Autonomous zone of the Capitol. You can see the signs on one of the dams above and below.

Hello to the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Region! ☕️✊

– ❤️Black Pink/Rosa Negra (@BRRN_Fed) 9. June 2020.

According to Capitol Hill, Seattle, the zone was unofficially created after police lifted the blockade of the eastern district. When the police left the area, people were told that they were free to stay in the area and protest. The withdrawal of law enforcement surprised many. Musicians, activists, poets and many others have now gathered in the region.

On Twitter it’s called CodePink: Without the police, the neighborhood has become a peaceful George Floyd monument, full of art, positivity and love.

It was in Seattle last night after Seattle police left the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Region.

Without the police, this area has become a quiet George Floyd monument, full of art, positivity and love.

As a reminder: The real instigators are the police.

– CODEPINK (@CODEPINK) 9. June 2020

The first movie night has already taken place in the area. They played on the 13th.

The night of the first movie in #CHAZ. The 13th. A documentary film is currently being made directly in front of the closed police station. #seattle protests

– Casey Martin (@caseyworks) 10. June 2020.

Here you can find more pictures:

Hello from the Autonomous Zone of the Capitol, former place of demonstrations and use of tear gas by the police. East Seattle PD, and there were no uniformed officers. It’s not really a lawless place. There is a hot dog stand)

– Paige Cornwell (@pgcornwell) 9. June 2020.

Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted that there are about 500 houses in the area.

Some of the current and former neighbors have tweeted that they love the area.

Holy shit, my neighborhood is now the autonomous zone of Capitol Hill, it’s absolutely unbelievable. The Autonomous Zone must hold!

– 8. Cherry blossom (@CheckersForce) 9. Cherry blossom (@CheckersForce) June 2020.

There are six blocks in my neighborhood that are separated from the United States, these are the words I never thought I would print here. via @CHSfeed.

– Rob Mauseri (@rmauceri) 9. June 2020.

My biggest concern about the Capitol Autonomous Region is that I would like to live there so far. My old neighborhood I’m proud of…

– 9. Snowflake cheese (Yeast R.M. Curley) (@Yeast) 10. Snowflake Grater (Yeast R.M. Curley) June 2020.

In Reddit some people say that CHAS is in some ways more of a social network for memory, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Sending OlinOfPeets : It is in this same area that the demonstrations have taken place over the past 12 days. The only difference is that there aren’t any swarms of cops making night raids with tear gas. This whole Chaz thing is just a social network. You have to see for yourself!

Here are the maps of the Capitol of the Autonomous Region

Although CHAP is not a legally recognised area, efforts have been made to map out the areas it covers. This first map, presented below, will appear in a new Wikipedia information about the Autonomous Region of the Capitol (also known as CHAZ on Wikipedia). The complete map can be viewed here. The map is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 Creative Commons license and was created by Mjychabaud22 according to Wikipedia.

Mjychabaud22 Wikipedia – CC BY-SA 4.0

The area is about six blocks from Seattle, Washington. The unofficial emblem of the area is a pink umbrella.

Another card was dealt by Chloe (@basicflowrrrrrr), but it is not clear who made the original version. This card was issued on the 8th. June, before the region was designated an autonomous region of the Capitol. It highlights the events that took place at that time and some parts may be inaccurate at that time.


This tweet shows a different map:

Like this?

– ♓︎ TwiliAlchemist ♆ (@onragonhunter) 9. June 2020.

And now you can get the map on OpenStreetMap here. Below you will find another map of the area:

If you like the cartographic status of a rolled image in Bristol, you will love it:
Capitol Hill, since the 9th. June an autonomous region in downtown Seattle. Remarkable in terms of historical significance.
(Members of OpenStreetMap – CC BY-SA 2.0)

– Seb (@grnr_s) 9. June 2020.

Another Wikipedia map created by ThatGamingSheep can be found below

Wikipedia/Tat HamingShip

This Reddit element separates the provisional map from the expansion areas.

The provisional boundaries of the Autonomous Zone have been inventoried and mapped from Seattle.

The archive with a parody of Craigslist, representing the sale of the eastern plot, can be consulted here.

The police have left the area to de-escalate the operation, according to the mayor of.


The Seattle Capitol has indicated that an announcement has been sent to staff to close the building: Today it was decided to let the demonstrators continue to the eastern part. Additional measures are being taken to reinforce our continuing efforts to ensure the safety of the eastern part and the safety of all our officers. The eastern part remains manned.

On a street corner: Hot dog stand. Directly: Work together without the police. The music’s behind me, the songs are in front of me. It’s an autonomous area of the Capitol. #seattleprotests

– Casey Martin (@caseyworks) 10. June 2020.

Mayor Jenny Durkan twittered about the decision: In an effort to proactively defuse the interaction between protesters and law enforcement outside the Eastern District, Seattle and Best Police Chiefs lifted the barricades around the Eastern District while maintaining local security.

In an effort to proactively defuse the interaction between protesters and law enforcement outside the Eastern District, Seattle and Best Police Chiefs lifted the barricades around the Eastern District while maintaining local security.

– Mayor Jenny Durkan (@MayorJenny) 9. June 2020.

She added that the Seattle Fire Department has cars nearby that can help in the event of a fire or medical emergency.

While the boss takes this swift action, we will continue to focus on what we can and must do to tackle the systematic inequalities that continue to disproportionately affect our black population.

– Mayor Jenny Durkan (@MayorJenny) 9. June 2020.

Finally, she wrote: The maintenance of peaceful demonstrations should be a joint effort by members of our community and law enforcement agencies. I hope that today, with these operational changes, our city can proceed peacefully together.

Police chief Carmen Best said Monday at a press conference about KUOW: We’re not going to evacuate or leave the Eastern District. We will strengthen the eastern part of the building by planting external windows, applying fire protection on the outside of the building and installing fences. It is an exercise in trust and de-escalation.

Durkan’s tweets were posted on the 9th. June around 1:00 in the morning. Shortly afterwards the police barricades were removed and the demonstrators reworked the barricades left behind to keep the traffic out of the area. They added the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone signs to some of the barricades.

Demonstrators committed to maintaining peace in their autonomous region and making it a positive place

The GettyA sign stands for a smoking area near the East Seattle Police Department.

Part of the area has already been designated as a smoking area, which is indicated on the sign: Please take care of the health of our neighbors.

It’s so beautiful here in Chaz, some locals just drummed and sang, everyone had dogs with them, because no policeman = quiet and safe.

– conjurechaos (@conjureblue) 10 June 2020

In a speech to a crowd of demonstrators in the area, KUOW reported that a person connected with the area had reported it:

They gave us the plan, and we have to be smart and work together. And we must remain peaceful, and we must remain strong. That’s the message we’re trying to get across… And if they give us the plan, we won’t try to destroy it. We’re not doing what they want us to do. We’ll take care of it, because this is our street.

I couldn’t agree more. Today CHAZ has much needed food, safety, toilets, art, love, public discourse, action, education, movies and public buildings. Here you see #CHAZ on 6.9.2020 a documentary about the season 13 @ava with Angela Davis. The crowd is here to stay.

– Oliver (@olivertreanorm) 10. June 2020.

One person said on Twitter that Chaz provides food, safety, toilets, art, love, public discourse, action, education, movies and much needed public buildings.

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