SACRAMENTO (CBSLA) – The government of California announced on Monday a new initiative to recruit retired healthcare professionals as well as medical and nursing graduates to help the state meet the coronavirus surgeon expected in the coming weeks.

The 29th. In March 2020, the mariners will take their first patient on board the USNS Mercy hospital ship to the shelter of the victims off the coast of Los Angeles. (US Navy/Getty Pictures)

At a press conference on Monday, Newsom unveiled the new California Health Corps website, which will provide a platform to compare people who have retired in the past five years and who may be in the process of obtaining a license or renewing their license – people who are in nursing schools or medical schools approaching the end of those efforts – to include them in this platform and encourage them to come on this platform to provide the kind of stimulation of human capital we need now.

Shit, man. Newsom confirmed Monday that 1432 coronavirus patients are currently being admitted into the state, 597 of them in intensive care beds.

It estimates that there are about 37,000 retired professionals and students in the state. Among the people we’re looking for are the following:

  • Doctors (doctors, doctors of philosophy), including medical students
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Assistant physician
  • Nurses (RNs, NVPs, ANCs), including nursing students
  • behavioural scientists (psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, LMFT, CPA).
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Paramedic
  • Medical assistants
  • Emergency medical personnel

Medical staff will receive a salary and insurance against professional incompetence, officials said.

Mr Newsom stressed that all protocols and licensing requirements that have been relaxed to combat the pandemic are only temporary.

It’s temporary, it’s not permanent, there’s no game, Newsome said.

The officials explained that students joining an outbreak should then be assessed by their respective licensing authorities to determine whether they can be fully licensed immediately or whether they should return to the classroom and undergo a clinical change to complete their licensing after the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, depending on where they are educated, we are looking for people who were close to graduation, said Dr. Mark Ghaly, California Secretary of Health and Wellness. Many are unable to finish the last few months because schools are unemployed due to the reaction of KOVID-19. So who is better than the people who are now really close to continuing their clinical training with the support of experienced nurses or other health professionals?

Meanwhile, Newsom reported that the state currently has 4,252 fans, but plans to reach 10,000.

I just want to cheer people up if you have a bunch of fans, whether they’re new or not, maybe you have rooms that are in the basement or in the house, I don’t have to be frivolous, we’ll take them, Newsome said. We have people here in Silicon Valley who can perform miracles with old equipment.

About 32.6 million N95 masks have been distributed, but the government is trying to reach the target of 101 million.

Every few days new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) comes in, not only N95 masks, but also overalls and shields, bathrobes and glove sets, etc. As soon as we get it out, we’ll get it out, Newsome said.

By Saturday more than 4,600 cases of VIDOC-19 and 101 deaths in California had been confirmed. Newsom predicts that the government will need 50,000 extra hospital beds to cope with the expected number of patients.

If you see the number of beds for critical care triple, if you see the number of hospital admissions double in just over four days, it’s not just a point, it’s a point that’s clearly important because it’s about our ability to meet not only the physical needs of that increase, but also the personal protective equipment that we need, Newsome said Monday.