Young people tend to take a prominent place in the horror world for a reason. Puberty, threatening hormonal changes and growing pains – both physical and emotional – provide fertile soil on which the horror is built. If you’re a teenage girl, and like other horror movies aimed at teenagers, hell is a teenage girl. Becky embodies this concept and gives it a new twist. For a 13-year-old boy of the same name, the anger turns into a forbidden combat thriller that triggers a visceral slaughter.

Becky Hooper (Lulu Wilson) closed emotionally after the death of her mother. Through the prism of youth, their grief manifested itself in detachment and great anger. She keeps her father, Jeff (Joel McHale), at bay, although he refuses to abandon her. Good intentions for a weekend in a remote family home on the lake get almost instantly out of hand when Jeff Kyle’s girlfriend (Amanda Bruegel) and her grandson appear in tow to tell Jeff the news of his engagement. This happened before the arrival of a group of forced refugees led by the white racist Dominic (Kevin James). With Becky, there’s no rage in hell like an angry teenager. She focuses her anger on deadly violence that frightens even hardened criminals.

On paper, it is precisely the positioning of a 13-year-old child running against restless and murderous convicts that creates a fragile balance that threatens to turn at any moment into a foolish comedy in the style of domestic loneliness. After all, a young girl who has just reached puberty should not be compared to the evil neo-Nazi villains, because the film pays a lot of attention to the viewer to know how dangerous they are before the central conflict begins. Two important elements enable Becky to sell the serious tone of this thriller: Wilson’s performance, completely engaged, and the shocking, mountainous violence. 'Becky'-Transformed-Teenager-Rage-in-Blood-Action-Thriller.jpg

From an early age, Wilson had a long list of horrors of Viya’s scary child: Origin of evil in his final round as young Shirley at the haunted house of Hill Netflix. With Becky, Wilson is dragged into an original cruelty that continues at a constant pace. The fact that she is surrounded by more experienced players and still surpasses them all is an indication of her talent and star potential. Opposite her is James, who plays the central antagonist to Scripture. Dominic is the leader of his small group that goes to the house at the lake looking for a certain place, and James decides to fill his character with a controlled and silent threat. However, it is not always effective in dealing with them, and sometimes Dominic seems less dangerous and more soaked with milk.

Becky doesn’t have much depth. It’s a simple story, on thin paper, that doesn’t care about the details that enrich it. Through small memories we see a happier Becky before the death of her sick mother, but the film doesn’t try to link this Becky to today’s vindictiveness. In other words: Wilson sells his character like hell, but it doesn’t always make sense to hide such a fierce rage so consistently. Some announcements create loyalty between Dominic and his much more monstrous criminal partner Apex (Robert Mayel), but their performance does not make them plausible. Their motivation for the invasion makes no sense. The opening hook is placed in the middle of Becca’s bloody fight before she cuts and jumps in time, suppressing the story of tension. Becca may have connotations about how our youth should destroy the bad guys or about the possibility of making amends for the monstrous crimes of the past, but the film never develops these ideas in a meaningful way.

Where the film shines the most is of course the fantastic action and the sadness. Directors Jonathan Millot and Cary Murnion present a crackling battle thriller set on a challenging course and in an impressive slaughterhouse. The emphasis is on a massacre. Becky is not afraid of a neck vein, and an example of a tense eye injury has existed for centuries. It’s Gore, who gets a big surprise in a pretty important story. This pain, combined with Wilson’s total commitment, makes Becky a humble and sinister audience. As soon as the blood dries and the adrenaline decreases, nothing is remembered.

Becky’s bringing in the fifth. June 2020 Digital, drive-in and on-demand on the market. 'Becky'-Transformed-Teenager-Rage-in-Blood-Action-Thriller.png