With her new book, the actress wants to give hope for the future, and given the current situation in the world, this is the perfect moment! Alissa Milano talked about her hopes: The book Project Animal Rescue in a new interview in the Daily Pop’s Instagram Live and she talks about what inspired her to write this book and more!

No wonder the book should give people hope for a bright future! After all, there is even hope for the title!

In addition to talking about the book, Alice also shared the news with her fans about what she and her loved ones are doing to maintain a positive attitude in their forties.

Milan has shown that this book, which is its second volume, is not the last, because there is a third volume in a series that will be published this autumn!

During a video chat, the actress made a big fuss: Really, I wanted to write a series about high school students and give them the tools to change the world, change for the better and find their voices… but also all the elements that young people go through to discover who they are and what they believe in.

She says that these instruments – fundraising, volunteering, and all those things that I think are so important to society that we have lost sight of them.

What inspired the book series, the proud mother said, was that they were her own children!

Moreover, it was something she could see in every child she met, which was an innate ability to hope for a better future, no matter what was happening around her.

Milan recalls that the world is facing a terrible pandemic and admits that he still does not know how to deal with this problem with his youngsters,


I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t know how much I have to hide it from the truth.


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