50 Cent is currently one of the most striking stars of Instagram.

And the actor Power didn’t shut up all those years, used different occasions, shot other celebrities, had fun with it and even wandered with it once in a while.

So it seems appropriate that his current love, Cuban Link (Hamira Hines), is mentioned in his report on Instagram and begins to devastate him, especially to entertain the fans of the 50s.

It is not surprising that the rapper himself wasn’t too happy with the situation at first, but he took it in good sportiness and clearly found one when he watched the communication with his partner.

Of course, Cuban Link didn’t post anything openly malicious, but simply sent some of their photos to fans of the 1950s, many of whom quickly commented on the photos, thinking they were shared by 50 people themselves.

At one point, however, people became suspicious of the activities of rappers on social networks, and some even suggested that they could be hacked into.

Although this was not the case, some fans of the fifties have already discussed the situation from this point of view.

Fortunately, the rapper finally came to explain what was going on and said that nothing bad had happened between him and his partner.

I hope the fans will experience more moments like this in the future, because so far they’ve been very funny.

Now that 50 have taken back his card, he follows his sweetheart with a nice video in which she cooks for him and eats out of the pot.

A fan said so: What are you doing, making me something to eat? Please, God, let this food be delicious. ♂#abcforlife #Fox I’m lit.

This man said: I didn’t say she couldn’t. But she needs someone to teach her. Have fun. To get pregnant, bro. Too beautiful… It shows that if we don’t see that I like it.❤️

This pendant is divided: Eat something tonight at boo‼️You in a Rono suit. ”

Another user of a social network wrote: He’s finally fallen in love. She’s so beautiful, God bless you.

We read the fifth note: Too beautiful… …she gets an A you can’t see. I love❤️.


50 years seems like a very happy place.


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