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Published : 7. April 2020, 4:17:24

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prime minister and trade union ministers to decide on a 30% salary cut due to the coronaviruses. (Premium Nat Pandy Express photo/file)

Two weeks of isolation for 21 days, while the country is preparing for an economic downturn, on Monday the EU cabinet lifted a 30% pay cut for all MPs, including the Prime Minister and EU ministers, for one year.

In addition, the government has also decided to allocate all MPLADS funds (members of the Parliamentary Local Area Development Scheme) – each elected member of parliament receives an annual core of Rs. 5 for development work in his constituency – for two financial years from 1 January 2007. April. The money from the MPLADS funds – about Rs. 8,000 – goes to the India Consolidated Fund, which according to the government will be used in the fight against KOVID-19.

The government indicated that the president, the vice president and the state governors had also decided to reduce salaries by 30 percent a year.

According to the Decree amending the 1954 Act on the salaries, allowances and pensions of Members of Parliament, adopted by the Cabinet on Monday, the new Act will enter into force on 1 January 2007. On 1 April, a 30% reduction for all Members of the European Parliament came into force.

After the cabinet meeting, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting of the Union, Prakash Javadecar, said that the decision had been taken with the social responsibility of parliamentarians in mind. It’s not about savings, it’s about the intentions behind it, he said.

In response to a question, he said that central government employees had already earned a daily wage, but he did not indicate whether they were also threatened with a wage cut.

At this moment Locke Sabha has 542 members and Rajya Sabha has 245 members, of which 12 have been appointed. While 55 members of the RS were due to resign in April, 37 had already been elected without objection; the elections for the remaining 18 seats were postponed due to the COWID outbreak. 19. The Commission considers that the elections for the remaining 18 seats have been postponed.

After the last salary increase announced in 2018, each MP will receive a monthly salary of 1 lah, Rs. 70,000 as constituency allowance and Rs. 60,000 to work in the constituency, among other benefits.

The 30th. In March Telangana announced wage cuts at all levels.

On the MPLADS funds, Mr. Javadecar said that many MPs had already made donations from their COWID-19 fund.

According to the secretariat of Raj Sabha 74 members of the Raj Sabha gave a total of 100 Croatian rupees last week and 265 members of the Lok Sabha gave 265 Croatian rupees.

According to Javadekar, the government has announced several other measures that cost rupees, including the plan of Prime Minister Garib Kalyan.

The government has taken some serious steps. And when such steps are taken, it has to start with itself. The intention, he said, is to add that the will of the members is expressed in the cabinet decision.

When asked whether the extension of the blockade after the 14th day of the month Javadekar answered that the issue after the month of April was discussed: We monitor the situation in the world every minute, so decisions are ultimately made in the interest of the nation and the people. This decision will be announced in due course… Authorised committees have been set up, the situation changes daily and is constantly monitored.

In the meantime, Congress welcomed the decision to reduce salaries, but it was split in two as a result of the decision to suspend the MPLADS fund. While some party parliamentarians, such as Jairam Ramesh and Abhishek Singhvi, applauded the MPLADS’ decision, many others complained. Lok Sabhi MP Manish Tevari said the decision to suspend the MPLADS fund was badly thought out and that the knee joint reaction was bad.

CPI(M) also criticized the move, and the party’s secretary-general, Sitaram Yekouri, said the government paid for expenses that would meet the Territory’s specific needs. He added that this centralization is contrary to federalism: If the government has no money, why doesn’t it abandon the Central Vista project in Delhi?

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